Episode Coding is a way of easily referencing to episodes without continually having to name pages after the episode's title (it takes up a lot of time). This page is just to explain how the codings work and what they represent.

Coding ExplanationsEdit

The coding used for our episodes is really quite straightforward. Basically, if the series has two or more words in the title (as most of our titles do), then we will take the first letter from both words (if it has two words), or the first letter from two words that make the show recognisable (i.e. The GooGoo Chronicles becomes GC). After the letters will follow two numbers that stand for the episode number (in total). For example:

Two-Word TitleEdit


  • RB stands for Random Business.


  • 01 stands for 'episode one'.

Two Plus Word TitleEdit


  • MZ stands for Midshipman's Yard: The Zoo


  • 10 stands for 'episode ten'.

Episode CodingsEdit

Below is a list of our shows and their corresponding codes:

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