This article features a list of characters in the YouTube show Random Business .

Main CharactersEdit

Brick GurgeEdit

Brick was introduced in "Rain" alongside his brother, Wood. His character developed over the course of the series, from a kid who came up with wierd plans to a kid who has some wierd obsessions. In "Aftermath", he says that Wood is his "Golden Friend". he is scared of falling into a hole, as seen in "Night of Nightmares".

Wood GurgeEdit

Wood was introduced in "Rain" alongside his brother, Brick. He started off as the typical older brother: he thinks that his brother is sometimes an idiot, although he seems to consider him as his "Golden Friend", as said in "Aftermath". He is scared of rhubarbs, as seen in "Night of Nightmares".

Recurring CharactersEdit


Andorm first appeared in "The God of Randomness, Part One" in which he crashed-landed into the Gurge Bros' back garden. In the following episode, he was being trained by Brick and Wood so he could control his powers. He appeared once again in "Cluedum", where he helped the Gurge Bros. solve a murder, hoping it was his true purpose. He has been trying to find his true purpose throughout the series. In "Aftermath", it was mentioned that Andorm is the only friend the brothers have, implying they are loners

Uri Kowny (The Unknown Dude)Edit

The Unknown Dude's only appearance in the series so far was in "Gurge Bros. on the Case", where he helped the Gurge Bros. find clues to solve the murder. He was mentioned again in "Aftermath", where it is revealed his real name is Uri Kowny.

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