This article is a list of episodes for the upcoming series Random Business XL .

Episode One: Welcome AboardEdit

Three friends are caught up in the search for a mystical treasure...

Episode Two: Puzzle GamesEdit

Leka, Raimo and Santeri are sent on their first mission: to infiltrate an Egyptian tomb...

Episode Three: Family TiesEdit

The trio discover thaWt their ancestors were Brick and Wood Gurge.

Episode Four: Dawn to DuskEdit

The trio have twelve hours to destroy a rare crystal that is slowly destroying the Ozone Layer...

Episode Five: Emerald EarthEdit

When a strange gas escapes from the XL, it slowly turns the earth's population into emerald statues...

Episode Six: Midnight Oil (Part One)Edit

When the fabled Eye of the Darkness opens, it thereatens to drag the whole universe into its depths...

Episode Seven: Midnight Oil (Part Two)Edit

Series Finale. With the earth submerged in darkness, the Shadow Division reign supreme. Can the trio escape the new regime and save all of mankind from falling into the Eye of Darkness...?

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