Random Business
The GooGoo Chronicles
Genre Comedy
Created by MidshipmansYard
Starring MidshipmansYard (main)
Lemonpeel1000 (main)
HarvestMoonStudios (guest)
Cheeseologically (guest)
Theme Song "Battle at Lake-Front" from The Hobbit Soundtrack (Random Business)
"We Are Golden" by Mika (The GooGoo Chronicles)
Country of Origin England
No. of Seasons 2 (Random Business)
1 (The GooGoo Chronicles)
No. of Episodes 13 (aired, Random Business)
30 (planned total, Random Business)
2 (aired, The GooGoo Chronicles)
20 (planned total, The GooGoo Chronicles)
Running Time 5 minutes, aprox.

Brief InsightEdit

Since the creation of Midshipman's Yard Productions in January 2009, the 'company' spent several months working on ideas for new YouTube shows. By Novemer 2009, the founders opened the official YouTube channel, and also released the first episode of their first show, Random Business the same day.

Random BusinessEdit

The first show created by the 'company'. It was released on 10th November 2009, with the first episode, Rain. The first season ended on 1st February 2009. The second season will be released on the founder's second channel: MidshipmansYardTV, on 10th September 2010.

The GooGoo ChroniclesEdit

The 'company' released their second show on 23rd March 2010. The second episode was released the following month. Since then, no more episodes of the series have been released, although on the official website for the 'company', the webmaster states that they are using the summer holidays to film new episodes, and also mentioned that the rest of the series would be released starting September.

Unnamed Tutorial SeriesEdit

On the MidshipmansYardTV channel, the founder of the channel said that the 'company' were planning to release a tutorial series, but had no ideas for what to guide their viewers.

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