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Episode progression

Previously on Random Business Coming Up on Random Business
Premiered on YouTube September 28, 2010

"One Too Many"

Wood is inspired by two identical birds, so decides to make his own clone...(read more)
To Premier on YouTube October 2010

"The Announcement"

Scientists in the Gulf of Mexico discover a way of time travelling. Wood is predictably is caught up in it...(read more)
Previously on The GooGoo Chronicles Coming Up on The GooGoo Chronicles
Premiered on YouTube April 17, 2010

"Monkey Gone Astray"

When an abandoned monkey is found in their garden, GooGoo and Dada decide to take it in, Will they change their minds after seeing how destructive the purple monkey can be...?(read more)
Shall never air


This show has been cancelled and as a result, no more episodes shall air.


The GooGoo Chronicles has been cancelled
The creator of The GooGoo Chronicles has announced that the show has been cancelled. The announcement was actually made last month, however it has only just reached Midshipedia's ears. The creator said:

"We have decided to cancel The GooGoo Chronicles because it was just not reaching its full potential and wasn't as good as Random Business. Also, we have no time to shoot any further episodes. These combined factors have resulted in the cancellation."
— The creator of the cancelled series.

It is assumed that The GooGoo Chronicles will be replaced by a new show, however this has not been confirmed.
Reported by User:MidshipmansYard2 at 13:15 on Sunday October 24, 2010

Did You Know...

  • ...That during Rain, the lighting changes during the opening titles (i.e. before the titles, the room was light, afterwards it was dark)?
  • ...That Season 2 of Random Business began airing exactly ten months after season 1 premièred?
  • ...That When Two Became One features the most running gags, at 3 out of 4?
  • ...That This World Today will end with a surprise return?

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Wiki Milestones

  • March 14, 2010 - Midshipman's Yard Wiki was born.
  • October 22, 2010 - New Look was introduced
    Name change to Midshipedia
  • October 25, 2010 - An alliance was made between us and Pokémon Galaxy, as they are a new wiki and we have been giving them advice and such.

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