Origins (Jan 2009)Edit

The title 'Midshipman's Yard Productions' was used as a fake company name for the half-hour movie, The Time Attic. In the eleven months following, the founder of the 'company' began developing ideas for shows that the fake company could release.

YouTube Channel and Random Business (Nov 2009)Edit

On 10th November 2009, the YouTube account, MidshipmansYard was created. Also on this day, the company released the pilot episode for a series entitled Random Business. Twelve episodes followed it (and one Christmas special).

The Season Finale and the Search For a New Show (Feb-Mar 2010)Edit

The first season of Random Business ended on 1st February 2010. At some point during March, the company created a second channel, MidshipmansYardTV. Three days after the creation of the account (mentioned on the channel to be the 'son' of MSY), the first episode of a brand-new series was released. After spending the rest of February and the vast majority of March coming up with several new series, all of which were scrapped. Eventually, the founders decided on The GooGoo Chronicles, a series about a father, his son and their pet monkey.

What September Brings (Summer 2010)Edit

The GooGoo Chronicles stopped being uploaded after the release of the second episode. The founders released on the offical website ([]) that the second series of Random Business and the rest of The GooGoo Chronicles would be released in September.

More information on the biography of Midshipman's Yard Productions will be displayed on this page as more infomation surfaces.

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