"Mother Nature"
"Mmmmm...These are tasty!"
General Information
Season 1
Production Code RB03
Broadcast No. 3
Written by MidshipmansYard
Directed by MidshipmansYard
Starring MidshipmansYard
Airing Information
Airdate November 10, 2009
Episode Chronology
← Previous Next →
"Take a Break and Wrestle" "The God of Randomness (Part I)"

Mother Nature is the third episode of Random Business. It premièred on November 10, 2009 along with the previous two episodes and the following two.

Plot DetailsEdit

The episode begins with Wood Gurge explaining that six weeks had passed since Take a Break and Wrestle. Brick's injury in the previous episode was also revealed to be a broken leg. As Wood's monologue finishes, the opening credits begin.

Upon the credit's finish, the scene shows Brick and Wood to be outside their house. Wood explains that the brothers have ", four" things to do. They are as follows:

  • Collect rations from The Local
  • Walk around neighbourhood
  • Admire the "beautiful nature"
  • Return home

Wood asks Brick what the first task was, who seems to have forgotten. Wood is fine with this, saying they can make it up as they go along. The brothers walk along their street, where they meet a stranger filming them. The stranger reveals himself to be HarvestMoonStudios and is "proud to be on the set of Random Business".

The scene changes to a green area. Brick and Wood are eating Smarties ("Mmmm...These are tasty!"). Wood explains that they have completed their first task (and does a victory pose to prove it) and that they are setting off to complete their second task.

The scene changes to show the brothers walking down another road. They notice how beautiful nature is. The scene changes again to show them entering an alleyway.He says that they should "do a little bit of rethinking", which basically translates as, "let's look back on what we have done".

So follows a montage of flashbacks (sped up) that detail what happened in the episode, to the theme of Benny Hill. After the montage, Wood says that it is now the end of the show, he hoped the viewers enjoyed and "oh yes...projectile vomiting".


Featured CharactersEdit

Running GagsEdit

Random PhraseEdit

Wood: Well, that's the end of our show. We hoped you enjoyed it...and...oh yes. (Moves to camera) projectile vomiting!

Dance SceneEdit


Sergeant MajorEdit


Fall From BedEdit



  • If one listens carefully, while Wood is saying the Random Phrase, one can hear Brick say: "Oh flip!" This is because his packet of Smarties fell of the dustbin.

Other LanguagesEdit

Spanish Naturaleza
French Dame Nature
German Mutter Natur
Japanese 母なる自然

Season 1
Rain  • Take a Break and Wrestle  • Mother Nature  • The God of Randomness (Part I)  • The God of Randomness (Part II)  • It's a Big, Big World  • Mission Possible  • Lost Voice of Reason  • Night of Nightmares  • Bite of the Sock  • Gurge Bros. on the Case  • Cluedum  • We Wish You a Destructive Christmas

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