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This article covers an episode that has been split into two parts. Information may seem incomplete.

"The God of Randomness"
Part II
"So...What have I missed?"
General Information
Season 1
Production Code RB05
Broadcast No. 5
Written by MidshipmansYard
Directed by MidshipmansYard
Starring MidshipmansYard
Airing Information
Airdate November 10, 2009
Episode Chronology
← Previous Next →
"The God of Randomness (Part I)" "It's a Big, Big World"

The God of Randomness (Part II) is the fifth episode of Random Business. It aired on November 10, 2009 along with the previous four episodes.

Plot DetailsEdit

The episode begins with Brick entering the bedroom. He asks what's been going on in his absence. His brother asks him where he'd been, to which Brick replies: "the toilet". So follows a montage of clips from the previous episode. Upon their completion, the altered credits roll.

If viewers had trouble understanding the story from the clips, the credits include text explaining the plot of the previous episode (in a reference to Star Wars), while Brick, Wood and Andorm hum the Star Wars Theme.

After the credits, Andorm states that something is wrong. Suddenly, everything begins changing colour and objects are thrown from above onto Andorm and Wood. As more things fall down, Andorm begins to talk in a foreign language: "Spider! Spider! Camera! Hot Wheels! Greek Picture!". Brick replies with "Monkey! Horseradish! Kite!". The conversation ends with Andorm saying "Mousemat!".

The scene changes to outside at night. Andorm is attempting to control his powers to the music of Kung Fu Fighting by Carl Douglas. The trio also play with torches a part of the training. Upon the training's completion, Andorm tells his friends that he is leaving and returning to his own dimension, but promises he will return to the brother's dimension when he has discovered his true purpose. Brick tells Andorm that his purpose is to make a chicken leg with roast beef. Andorm uses his newly controlled powers to make Brick shout that his name is Jimbob as Wood carries him from the room.

Andorm says a final goodbye as he transports himself to his own dimension. The brothers shout in unison "Andorm, noooooo!" before dancing to Goodbye Mr. A by the Hoosiers.


Featured CharactersEdit

Running GagsEdit

Random PhraseEdit

Brick: Andorm, your purpose is to make a chicken leg with roast beef.

Andorm: Shut up! (Andorm points at Brick)

Brick: (being carried away by Wood) My name's Jimbob, by the way.

Dance SceneEdit

Sergeant MajorEdit


Fall From BedEdit



  • Brick doesn't seem surprised to see Andorm in his bedroom, even though they had never met.
    • Also, even though Brick and Wood knew Andorm was leaving, they were still shocked after his teleportation.

Other LanguagesEdit

Spanish El Dios de la Aleatoriedad (Parte Dos)
French Le Dieu d'Imprévisibilité (Sépare Deux)
German Der Gott der Zufälligkeit (Trennen Sie Zwei)
Japanese ランダム(第2部)の神

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