"Lost Voice of Reason"
"All right, men..."
General Information
Season 1
Production Code RB08
Broadcast No. 8
Written by MidshipmansYard
Directed by MidshipmansYard
Starring MidshipmansYard
Airing Information
Airdate November 23, 2009
Episode Chronology
← Previous Next →
"Mission Possible" "Night of Nightmares"

Lost Voice of Reason is the eighth episode of Random Business, airing on November 23, 2009.

Plot DetailsEdit

The episode begins in complete darkness. Wood shouts that it is now morning. The light turns on and it is revealed that Brick is unable to speak. This is demonstrated as the opening titles roll.

After the credit's end, Wood is shown telling Brick that he thinks he's lost his voice, to which Brick replies with vigorous arm movements. Wood then volunteers to find Brick's voice, this causes Brick to try and push Wood away.

The scene changes to show Wood pretending to be a Sergeant Major, using a metal ruler as a replacement for a baton. He explains to the viewers their mission and also goes through the mission objectives. Several pictures follow this scene showing Wood searching all over the bedroom for Brick's voice.

After the picture scene, Wood returns as Sergeant Major, telling the viewers that the mission failed and that they suck. Wood tells Brick that he couldn't find his voice. Brick then tells Wood that he "found it". When Wood asks where he found it, Brick says that it just came back to him, causing Wood to say that it must like him. Brick then compares this to babies.



Featured CharactersEdit

Running GagsEdit

Random PhraseEdit

Wood: Brick...I'm sorry...I couldn't find your voice.

Brick: Found it.
Wood: Where'd you find it?
Brick: It just came back to me.
Wood: It must like you.
Brick: Yeah...Like babies.

Wood: (Flashes peace sign) Rock on Scalextric!

Dance SceneEdit

Reach by S Club 7

Sergeant MajorEdit

  • Used as an intro and outro for The Search For Brick's Voice.

Fall From BedEdit



  • This episode's title is a reference to the phrase "voice of reason", and also to the Rifle Spot debut album of the same name.

Other LanguagesEdit

Spanish La Voz perdida de Razón
French Voix perdue de Raison

Verlorene Stimme des Grunds

Japanese 理由の失われた声

Season 1
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