"Bite of the Sock"
"WHAT!? How can you talk...?"
General Information
Season 1
Production Code RB10
Broadcast No. 10
Written by MidshipmansYard
Directed by MidshipmansYard
Starring MidshipmansYard
Airing Information
Airdate December 9, 2009
Episode Chronology
← Previous Next →
"Night of Nightmares" "Gurge Bros. on the Case"

Bite of the Sock is the tenth episode of Random Business. It aired on December 9, 2009.

Plot DetailsEdit

The episode begins with Wood Gurge talking to the camera. He says that he is under his duvet to tell the viewers the story of the WereSock...

After the opening titles, Wood explains that the episode's story took place several months before the previous scenes. A flashback shows Wood sitting on Brick's bed, saying that Brick has left on a camping trip, and that he is "such a bum!"

Someone knocks on the door, so Wood goes to see who it is. However, instead of finding a human on his doorstep, he finds a package. Wood brings in the package and opens it, revealing a navy blue sock. Wood is confused as to why someone would send him a sock.

He then throws the sock into the corner of his bedroom. The flashback ends to show present-day Wood telling the viewers that the sock came to life that very night...

The sock begins to move towards Wood's bed. Wood awakens after hearing it's movements. The sock introduces himself. Wood demands to know how the sock can talk. The sock tells Wood to come down to him, which Wood obeys. He asks the sock where its current location is. The sock tells him that he is on the floor. Wood bends down so he is face-to-face with the sock, asking it what it wants. The sock tells Wood that "all it wants is to bite him". Wood refuses to allow the sock to bite him. The sock pounces on Wood and bites his arm. Wood throws the sock into the wall, where he hopes it will stay forever ...


Featured CharactersEdit

Running GagsEdit

Random PhraseEdit

Wood: Don't worry, I wasn't killed by the bite. I recovered a few minutes later. I never did turn into a sock, which was probably just as well. Tood.

Dance SceneEdit

Wood dances to the Jaws theme and Green Day's version of The Simpsons Theme.

Sergeant MajorEdit


Fall From BedEdit



  • When someone knocks on the door, the door is open, yet no-one seems to be behind it. Also, Wood wonders who is at the door, even though he would be able to see from his position at the time.
  • This episode's title is a reference to the Holyfield-Tyson II fight, which was christened Bite of the Century, due to Tyson biting off a section of Evander Holyfield's ear.
  • This is the first episode to have more than one song featured in the Dance Scene (the second being Cluedum)

Other LanguagesEdit

Spanish La mordedura del Calcetín
French La bouchée de la Chaussette
German Biss der Socke
Japanese ソックスのひと噛み

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