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This article covers an episode that has been split into two parts. Information may seem incomplete.

Finale, Part I
"Gurge Bros. on the Case"
"This is Oddball..."
General Information
Season 1
Production Code RB11
Broadcast No. 11
Written by MidshipmansYard
Directed by MidshipmansYard
Starring MidshipmansYard
Airing Information
Airdate January 19, 2010
Episode Chronology
← Previous Next →
"Bite of the Sock" "Cluedum"

Gurge Bros. on the Case is the eleventh episode of Random Business. It aired on January 19,2010. It is the first part in the Finale Two-Parter.

Plot DetailsEdit

In a first for the series, the episode goes straight into the opening titles. After their completion, Wood is shown to be playing on a games console. The door then slams. Wood asks who is there. The intruder moves closer to Wood, who looks scared. Suddenly, he cries out "What's up, Brick?" He then pets his younger brother's head and they hug.

Brick then asks Wood what his high score was for the game he was just playing. Wood replies with "two". Brick has a good chuckle about this, to the annoyance of Wood. Wood hears a knock at the door, which turns out to be the postman. He hands Wood The Daily Moop. The newspaper bears the headline: LOCAL DIES. Apparently, a neighbour of Brick and Wood was found dead in his home, next to a games controller. Wood calls Oddball. A small blue dog flies over from Wood's bed and lands in his lap. Wood explains that Oddball is the Gurge Bros. pet dog whom Wood "borrowed" from the zoo. Apparently, the blue dog was being whipped by the zookeeper, so Wood smuggled Oddball out of the zoo. Brick says that he tasered the zookeeper who was attacking Oddball. Wood says that the zoo don't know that he [Wood] has Oddball. Suddenly, there is a knock at the door. Wood gets scared, thinking its the zookeeper. Brick explains to Wood that it was the pizza he ordered earlier, he also expresses annoyance at the fact that if it had arrived two minutes later, he would have got the pizza free. Wood and Brick decide to search for clues. Wood is keen to do this, Brick...not so much.

On the screen appears a warning, it states that no person under the age of fifteen should watch the following scene. However, it also says that the creators were bored, so they put in the warning. Another warning appears immediately after the first, saying that the next scene is a blooper. The real one would follow.

After the blooper version, Wood walks in front of the wardrobe. He uses his Sergeant Major alias once again to discuss mission objectives for their investigations. After he has finished with the mission objective discussion, Wood and Brick run outside to begin their search. A stranger jumps up from the floor and cries "I can help you!" Wood is surprised to see him, as he shouts "Where the hell did you come from?!"

Brick and The Unknown Dude begin to search for clues. After their search is complete, Wood runs over to the duo and asks what they found. The scene switches back to the bedroom, where Brick states that his jeans are all muddy and that he needs to change. When he opens the cupboard, however, a body falls out of it and onto the floor. The brothers are shocked at this.

To be Continued...


Featured CharactersEdit

Running GagsEdit

Random PhraseEdit


Dance SceneEdit


Sergeant MajorEdit

Wood uses his Sergeant Major alias in order to explain the mission objectives for The Investigation of The Old Man's Death.

Fall From BedEdit

Oddball falls from Wood's bed as Wood called him.


  • Both times when Wood claims to hear someone knocking on the door, there is no sound of fists on doors.
  • This episode's title is a reference to the animated television programme, Famous 5: On the Case.

Other LanguagesEdit

Spanish Los Hermanos de Gurge en el Caso
French Gurge Frères sur le Cas
German Gurge Brüder auf dem Fall
Japanese ケース〔事件〕の上のGurge兄弟

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