Random Business
Random business log
Logo for the series, as of Season 2
Genre Comedy
Created by MidshipmansYard
Starring MidshipmansYard
Theme Song "Battle of Lake-Town" from The Hobbit Soundtrack
Country of Origin England
No. of Seasons 2 (As of September 2010)
No. of Episodes 13 (Season 1)
17 (Season 2)
Running Time Aprox. 5 mins

Random Business is the first show created by Midshipman's Yard Productions. It follows the adventures of Brick and Wood Gurge as they get themselves stuck in some random situations. Sometimes helping the brothers out is Andorm, their friend from another dimension. Appearing only in "Gurge Bros. on the Case" is the Unknown Dude who helped the brothers find clues to assist in the murder.


On 11th October 2009, Midshipman's Yard Productions and Lemonpeel1000 TV announced that they would be creating a new series entitled Random Business. The first season comprised of thirteen episodes. On 1st February 2010, it was announced that Random Business will be returning for a thirteen-episode second season. The season was extended to twenty episodes on 10th March 2010, but was later changed to seventeen as of 23rd June 2010.


Brick and Wood's BedroomEdit

The main setting for the series is the bedroom of the Gurge Bros. The setting is featured in every episode except from "Mother Nature" and "The God of Randomness, Part I".

Brick and Wood's GardenEdit

This setting has been used in several episodes. It is usually used when the brothers are taking part in activities that can't usually be performed indoors.


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